DIY Lovely BibleTabs Hello beautiful people! Have you seen all of the amazing Bible tabs on Pinterest? I have been ogling them for quite a while and finally decided I just had to make some for my Bible. While there are so many beautiful tabs out there, I really wanted to make my own because I wanted them to match the Bible I have been using for years (a gift from my husband). That’s the great part about DIYing, you can add your own personal style and touch. I will confess, I did briefly consider buying half a dozen new Bibles just so I could get all the tabs I’ve seen on Pinterest too but I could not think of how to explain that “need” to my husband. I’d encourage you to take a look at all of the ones already available in case they are perfect for you – there’s a link at the end of this tutorial so you can ogle them too. 😉 Making your own Bible tabs is simple and doesn’t really take a whole lot of time. To get started, you’ll need a few supplies. I’ve listed what I used below to make it easier for you: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

It’s super easy to make these Bible tabs. The best part is that you can use any card stock you want to match your Bible and, combined with some colorful markers, you have endless possibilities. Let’s get started! Step 1 – First, measure and cut a 1 ¾ inch wide strip of card stock the length of your card stock (mine was 12″ long). Then fold that strip in half so the printed side of the card stock is showing and run a bone folder (or your fingernail) along the folded edge to smooth it out. Your strip should look something like the one below.
Folded Cardstock Image

12″ strip of card stock 1 3/4″ wide folded in half.

  Repeat this step with different colored/patterned card stock until you have enough for all the tabs you will need. I made fifteen 12″ strips to start and was able to get at least 5 punches out of each, sometimes 6 depending on the pattern and how well I lined up the next punch. Step 2 – Next, take one of your folded strips at a time and slide it into the tab punch so that the folded edge is facing the top of the tab punch and there’s a very small gap at the top edge. You’ll want to leave a small gap so you don’t cut off the folded edge when you punch the tab out (see image below). Try to get as close to one end of the strip as possible so you can get the maximum number of punches out of each strip.
Tab Punch Image

Card stock in Tab Punch with small gap at top edge.

  Step 3 – Once you have your strip in the punch and have the small gap at the top, you’re ready to punch your tab. If you did step 2 correctly, you should now have a folded tab (see the ones in the image below). Repeat until you have enough tabs for all the books of the Bible. I actually punched a few extras of each “color/pattern” in case I messed up a few (which I did).
Punched Tabs

Punched tabs ready to write on.

  Step 4 – Once you have enough tabs punched, write the names of the books of the Bible on one side (or both sides if you prefer – I only did one side). Step 5 – Starting with the tab for Genesis, glue each tab on (one side at a time – starting with the side you wrote on) to the first page of the book your tab corresponds to using the Diamond Glaze. If using Diamond glaze, a very little goes a VERY LONG way – I focused the glue around the edges of the tab. See steps below for gluing tabs on. For this step, add just a little glue to the inside top portion of the tab as shown below:
Glueing Tabs - Step 1 Image

Glue placement on tabs.

  Now, place the tab onto your Bible so it doesn’t cover any of the text (like pictured below) and hold it there for a few seconds. That’s the great thing about the Diamond Glaze, it dries super quick.
Tab Placement Image

Adhering the Genesis tab

  Then, once the first side is secure, add glue to the rest of the edges and simply fold it closed to adhere it to the other side of the page (see images below).
Glueing Tabs - Step 2

Glue placement after first side of tab is adhered.

Glueing Tab After Placing

Folded tab to adhere other side after glue was applied.

  Repeat Step 5 for each book of the Bible being sure to space each tab so you can easily read them until you have all the tabs adhered. A few tips and tricks:
  1. Make sure, if your card stock has glitter on it, to try to make it so the glitter is only on the outer edges of the tabs or along the very bottom or top – have you ever tried to write on glitter, it’s not easy?
  2. I could not find a black permanent marker – I think they are still packed up somewhere (we just moved) – so I used a fountain pen. I recommend using anything but a fountain pen. You can see on some of my tabs where the ink puddled and there were times when the ink just did not flow well so I had to go back over some of the letters.
  3. When using the Diamond glaze, a very tiny bit goes a LONG way so use sparingly – you’ll want to add a very thin line of glue so it doesn’t squish out when you’re applying the tabs to your Bible. If some does squish out, just clean it up fast or you can let it dry.
  4. The Diamond glaze does dry super fast but if it puddles or squishes out, it might take a little longer. Let the glue fully dry before doing the next tab to avoid your pages sticking together.
  5. Before glueing a tab on, make sure you only have one page. You don’t want to accidentally glue two pages together.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you end up making your own, please share them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #LovelyBibleTabs so I can see your beautiful work. Have an amazing day! If you enjoyed this post, we would appreciate you sharing it with others. Thanks so much!