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Hi y’all, I got the inspiration for this DIY Pinboard from a pin I came across, one blessed day, on Pinterest! I changed mine up a bit so I’ll show you how I did mine but I’ll link to the tutorial I used as my inspiration as well at the end of the post.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:



Now, to get started.
Wash, dry and iron your fabric according to the instructions for your type of fabric.

If you bought a framed piece of art/photo from a thrift store, like I did, you’ll want to deconstruct the frame. For mine, I had to remove the back paper (or dust cover) then, using a flathead screwdriver, I removed any staples holding the foam core (or mount board) – these staples usually protrude from the side of the frame/moulding. I removed the mount board, art print, and glass. Note: be careful removing the glass and use any necessary safety precautions when removing and/or disposing of the glass.

Once I had the frame deconstructed, I cleaned the frame/moulding to prep it for painting. I found, when painting frames/moulding, it is easiest to paint them by laying two long square dowels across two sawhorses – this seems to provide the most access to the edges and inside of the frame/moulding.

I spray painted the frame/moulding and, in between coats/while it was drying, I worked on building the pinboard. To do this, I first cut and glued the foam board to the front of the mount board that came with my frame. Next, I cut and glued the cork board squares on top of the foam board.

Once my frame/moulding was completely dry, I did a light glaze over the decorative border of the frame. I used the instructions on the glazing medium for how to mix the glaze and paint. Let dry completely.

When you’re ready, cut your fabric to size – you’ll want to cut it so that you have about an inch of fabric all the way around, you’ll trim the excess off after you have attached it. You can see in the image below, that I have about an inch of fabric all the way around my mounting board.

You’ll have to forgive me, I’m still learning how to photograph “crafting projects” so this is not the best photo but hopefully it will give you a good visual. The image shows my fabric facedown on my crafting table with the mounting board facing up towards me.

DIY Pinboard - Image For Attaching Fabric

To complete your pinboard, lay your fabric down on a flat level surface with the backside of the fabric facing up (the front side should be facing the surface you are using). Place the corkboard facing your fabric (you should be looking at the back of your mounting board). See image above. Next, using the steps shown in the video below, stretch your fabric and staple it to your mounting board.






I used the same process for stretching fabric onto frames as shown in this video tutorial:

Once you have stretched your fabric, lay your dried frame/moulding on a flat surface and place the finished pinboard, fabric side facing down, into your dried frame so that you are looking at the back of your frame/moulding and back of the mount board.

Using a staple gun, add some staples all the way around the inside of the frame to hold the pinboard inside the frame – I spaced them about 3 inches or so apart. When you are doing this step, you want to allow a little give (not press so hard into the frame/moulding with the staple gun) so that the staples do not go completely into the frame – the staples should stick out a little (see the image below).

DIY Pinboard - Image of the staple sticking out from the frame to hold mounting board.






You’ll also want to angle the staple gun a little. You can see how I’m angling the staple gun in the image below.

DIY Pinboard - Angle the Staple Gun






You’re all set now. I’ll put a link to the original tutorial (in case it offers some additional tips that make it easier for you) below. Hope you enjoyed this one! Let me know if you make it by posting a comment below and use #diypinboardbum so I can see how you made it your own. 🙂

Here’s the link to my inspiration.

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